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Panicked Visit to Dr J’s Skin and Wellness Center

Being in #Kulongbia for so long ruined my skin. Actually I already have bad skin to begin with when I was young. It’s oily and would get zits all the time. The struggle is real! I had to go to so many dermatologists just to control breakouts. As I grew up, my skin improved a […]

The extreme personalities I met in jail 2/3

Did you enjoy my first pasabog? But wait, there’s more! Because jails are crowded and often full with all sorts of people from different parts of society, you really get to see all sorts of personalities and even genders inside. In Part 1 we discussed the jail hierarchy, now let’s talk about the other kinds […]

K-cake by Mau’s Cupcakes

Look how beautiful this cake is! OMG, I die! Seriously, so much goodness in one cake. When I was Kolungbia, I was lucky enough to get cakes from my family. However they had to be BUTCHERED before they got to me. At first the jail officers would call me to show me the cake, then […]

Some HATE messages I recovered on FB and my reactions

Upon trying to recover my social media accounts this 2021, I found out they were all deleted. My family originally disabled them when I was being bashed online after the incident happened. I didn’t want my family and friends to be part of the hate train so I agreed with the thought that I was […]


Since there was no way to take photos inside jail, I imagined I was still modeling by creating poses in my head. I learned how to sketch and bring my imaginations to life. I had ART books brought in and requested specialized pencils however only two were allowed. It was challenging how every time there […]


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