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Stay young and healthy: Vita Bears Vitamins

I drink vitamins daily. I think that’s why I’ve always looked extremely young. Also I feel very healthy! I’m so glad there’s a gummy bear version of vitamins. It’s delicious and chewy. It makes me want to take it daily. Sometimes I forget to take my vitamins so I really need something enticing to make…


Hello! Sorry if I neglected this blog a bit. As you may have known, I recently joined Pinoy Big Brother and generally got busy! But now I have some time to explain the inside hierarchy of the jail system, so sit up and read on! CLEANERS Cleaners are newly committed detainees, or in other words…

The extreme personalities I met in jail 3/3

Heto talaga yung last part. I hope you enjoyed the first two parts so far. First we discussed the jail hierarchy, then the first batch of other kinds of people I met inside. Taralets! 1. BEMBOL This is what you call someone sipsip, who will shower you with all the compliments and kiss your ass.…


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