Panicked Visit to Dr J’s Skin and Wellness Center

Being in #Kulongbia for so long ruined my skin. Actually I already have bad skin to begin with when I was young. It’s oily and would get zits all the time. The struggle is real! I had to go to so many dermatologists just to control breakouts. As I grew up, my skin improved a little. However it’s still very oily and all. Sadly I don’t just have battle scars from my trip to jail but I also gained a lot of facial scars. UGH. So I told myself that I really need to have my skin fixed once I’m out. Happily I was able to find a dermatologist that can help me keep my skin in check. I still have a lot of work to do but I’m glad to be able to finally have my facial and all that! So many new discovering when it comes to beauty stuff. Love it!

Meet Dr. Joe Ann Delovieres-Cruz, dermatologist and owner of the clinic. Look I was meant to be here! I came in wearing my pink jacket which matched doc’s PPE haha. It’s a match made in heaven. Loving my new plastic shoes haha.

Meet Angie and Ellen, they’ll be taking care of you! They’re so careful
First thing they let me do is to wash my face.
Had to check the bathroom, gosh I love the tiles! It’s designed so well.
I’m a sucker for beautiful comfort rooms.
I guess they use this for feet therapies or something. Nice!
Sadly my skin really got damaged in #Kulongbia . Hopefully this amazing clinic will help me recover! I have a lot of zits from where I came from.
Hydrafacial with Ellen. Enjoyed this one. It’s been years since I got a facial!!!! WHOA!
Ugh, I have so many zits to take out. The cleaning was actually good. My face doesn’t have anymore bumps unlike before.

I’m a blood donor now! JUST KIDDING haha. Got glutathione!
Wow all this entered me! WOW! I couldn’t believe it. In an hour I already finished it.
After I went to the 2nd floor, still beautiful of course!
Stairway to heaven haha. Evert step is a step closer to being a dyosa hahahaha.
Chairs! While waiting one must enjoy their spot. Like me, I made sure I enjoyed my time of waiting.
The magical bed. As you go on it… you transform into a beautiful princess!
Ready for my RF! But this time around was different. I used two machines.
So these machines are suppose to melt fat and the other to disintegrate the clumps.
What is she doing?!?!
She’s so determined! DAMN!
Both machines were rubbed on my fatty areas.
Saggy arms…huhuhuhuhuh. Here it’ll get thinner hopefully!
She measured again after the procedure! WOW I actually lost an Inch and half an inch pero area! AMAZING!!! Can I do this everyday? Hahahahaah
A moment to look at the flowers…even if they’re yellow lol.
Why does my reflection someone I don’t know? Oh…cause of the face mask! Damn… this face mask has covered up so many faces. It has a mysterious effect though. Para talaga sa mga secretive and demure ang mga masks. Buti na lang I am demure hahahaha WHAT?

I really liked the services of this clinic. I’ll definitely return! SO far my skin does look clearer. It will take a while to get to that perfect look I’m aiming for but I can feel the special touch they give. They’re very maalaga plus their machines are effective. Imagine losing inches immediately? Plus my face doesn’t have zits anymore. Well I still have scars but that’s cause I’ve neglected my skin for nearly 5 years. Either way I trust this clinic and I think it’s a good match for me.

Let’s bump into each other there!

DR. J’s Skin and Body Wellness Center:

737 N.S. Amoranto Sr. Street, Corner Cetacio Street, Barangay Siena, Quezon City, Philippines


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4 thoughts on “Panicked Visit to Dr J’s Skin and Wellness Center

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA NATATAWA AKO with you saying “eto yung use Dati…” wahahaha. IS it different na ba now? I’m still living in the past since I’m not aware of the blogging changes hahaha. SO FUNNY! Thank you for appreciating my post though haha. YESSSS NAKADERMA NA. NO spa yet though. Hahahaha


  1. So relaxing to read this blog of yours, ate K! I’m looking forward to read more of the stories that you will share to us. I hope that you writing a blog, will help to encourage others to read blogs again even though they prefer vlogs na nowadays. Just keep on writing!!


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