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Hi, welcome to my BLOG!

I’ve been “blogging” since I was in grade school, writing down my daily insights in my diaries. It has been a lifelong passion of mine to dream, reflect and scribble them all down till they look like a dream board of happiness. So here is my DIGITAL DIARY where I share all my LIFE EXPERIENCES, and how I creatively deal with them.

This is a celebration of my REBIRTH. Just this June 2021, I was acquitted and released from jail. I was imprisoned for nearly 5 years for a grave offense that I cannot imagine to ever commit. It happened at the peak of my career where I had so much TV and Movie offers, plus engagements and endorsements I already signed contracts with. Considering I’m more known as a Radio DJ, Model and Host, this was an amazing accomplishment. What’s more, I was already at the 2nd year of growing my online business called SisterSecrets as its CEO. The night before the incident, I received an award for “Best new innovative online lifestyle website” with my business partners and best friends. I thought things were going great and I was right on track! Little did I know that the next day, everything I worked hard for would crumble down and my reputation would be tarnished. It’s true that it takes a lifetime to build a good reputation and a second to completely ruin it. 

I spent my days inside ELEVATING, reflecting, and understanding my purpose in life and how to make each day meaningful. I learned to forego the unessential and focused on the authentic. I was only allowed a few things, so I had to master having so little. I learned how to sketch/draw and create bags/wallets/decors with beads. I was challenged to lead very unruly people and to care for those who society says deserve very little, if anything at all. 

This hasn’t even hit the surface of what I’ve been through, BUT using this platform, I pray to be able to let you in the world I entered and more. Perhaps it’ll make you appreciate blessings you haven’t acknowledged. Maybe you’ll see through my eyes that life is amazingly full of surprises, both good and bad. Either way, my goal is to help you embrace the belief that all these events are happening for you to make your life journey legendary.

Expect to see:  Life Experiences, Self-improvement, Inspiration, Fitness, Quirks, Events, Fun Destinations, Art, Fashion, Tech, and my pet Liberty Bunny all over. Do enjoy and SUBSCRIBE to my blog! 

BIG THANKS to my Sister Jocelyn Bordador , a professional writer, who’s living in Kansas USA for being my editor and Guillaume Lauer for helping me maintain this website all the way from France!

For PROJECT INQUIRIES: KarenBordador@RHMSAdAgency.com

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One thought on “About me

  1. Karen, I am a fan here in USA from when I stumbled across you on Flippish. You truly are so very talented, motivated, and drop-dead gorgeous. I cant wait for you to get rolling again. I was so very destroyed when I heard you were arrested. And now, it is UNBEIEVABLE that you waited 5 years just to be tried. In USA, that cannot happen.
    Anyway, I cannot wait to enjoy your next projects AND enjoy seeing you modeling your exquisite figure. In fact, if there were a practical way to hire you, I would love for you to model for me…like maybe even on skype.
    Thank God you are FREE. You have unlimited potential. I hope you will get back most of the opportunities you had hard earned before this huge setback. I hope Filipinos dont attach any stigma to this false accusation.
    All the best.
    Your loyal fan.
    Vic Monzon


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