Some HATE messages I recovered on FB and my reactions

Some HATE messages I recovered on FB and my reactions

Upon trying to recover my social media accounts this 2021, I found out they were all deleted. My family originally disabled them when I was being bashed online after the incident happened. I didn’t want my family and friends to be part of the hate train so I agreed with the thought that I was going to be able to return home immediately and get my socials back online. But when my family told me these accounts were being bombarded with a lot of insults, we thought it best to close them. I lost all my many followers, but that’s alright because I can always begin again with new socials. Lucky for me though, I was able to salvage one account that wasn’t disabled because it was what I used for work. I didn’t really give it importance… and it’s ironic how that account would be my re-entry to social media. BTW just to reply to the guy on the preview picture, BILID prison is for MALE inmates…not female inmates… lol.

Now that account received hate messages too. Here are the funny ones I recovered. I was thinking of leaving their names exposed since they were confident enough to send such messages to me, but the good girl in me thought to keep them anonymous for their benefit. 

  1. It’s funny how my downfall has affected his entire industry. LOL grabe…laki ng epekto ko sa business niya. Sorry naman! 

2.    Umm this guy seems to know me so well but THANK YOU for the suggestion of getting dalaw. It’s TRUE that the CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION OF WOMEN gives you as a “resident” a higher GCTA (good conduct time allowance) when you receive visitors. Well that’s according to the girls who are currently there. Having dalaw means that you will have support when you return to society. However, that only applies to sentenced people. Either way you still have hope to go home if you’re moved there from city jail.

3. Though she seems like a dignified person, I’m saddened to receive such a judgment. No, I didn’t ruin anyone’s lives, my life was ruined because of that awful accusation… Maybe next time don’t comment about things you don’t really know about. She represents all the people you’d least expect to react this way but oh well.

4. Ok… hahaha this guy is funny! In retrospect, one of my very first tasks inside was wiping the bars. Nothing was sexy about it though. Hahahaha!

5. This one is really out of this world. Lahat na lang ata tinuro sa akin. For clarity there have been many instances that my pictures were used on different fake accounts. These accounts have used my name and pictures to swindle money from whoever will fall for their trickery. I wonder if that’s what happened to this girl. It seems she had an actual, unfortunate interaction with a pretender. Or perhaps she just really wanted to blame all her bad luck on me? Either way I wish her well.

I don’t know why people send things they’re not even sure of. Their confidence in sending hate messages to strangers baffles me. This could possibly be just PART 1 and I might post more lol. But thank you to everyone who has been sending me love! Now that’s the best message you can send to a stranger, messages of love and encouragement. So yes, hit me up on and Follow. I sometimes get to reply when sent a heartfelt message. See ya!

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