K-cake by Mau’s Cupcakes

K-cake by Mau’s Cupcakes

K Cake by Mau’s Cupcakes

Look how beautiful this cake is! OMG, I die! Seriously, so much goodness in one cake. When I was Kolungbia, I was lucky enough to get cakes from my family. However they had to be BUTCHERED before they got to me. At first the jail officers would call me to show me the cake, then they would stab it several times as a way to search for any contraband possibly hidden in it. Of course they’ll never find anything but pure goodness. But imagine receiving a cake that has a greeting on top then it gets stabbed several times in front of you…. ugh. The message gets lost . I had to endure that for so many years. Some jail officers would be nice enough to trust me and let the cake in as it is. But sadly those that simply don’t care about the feelings that come with receiving a cake simply knife it so many times leaving no sign of its beauty at all. Oh and also there’s no way to refrigerate cakes inside so we had to devour them immediately.

I’m so thrilled that I can now have a pretty cake with soooo many goodies on top! Imagine, FERRERO ROCHER, sunflower sweets, strawberries, Toblerone and Maltese on top! It’s gorgeous!

With the SWEET couple, going strong since 2007: Bjorn and Mau! They own MAU’s CUPCAKES

I love supporting businesses by close-knit families and couples. I just like the products they come out with, everything with pure love! Thank you to these lovebirds for dropping off the cake to me personally. I really appreciated the effort! Plus look at what I’m carrying!! How can you not love it?

So I was expecting a FREEDOM cake and I didn’t know what they would come up with. When I opened the box and I saw the K, I loved it! Yes K has FREEDOM already and she can now bloom and look yummy! Didi I say that right? Hahahahahaha! Just kidding. It’s perfect because this represents what I feel right now, super blooming in every aspect!

Sweet Note from Mau & Bjorn

I am a sucker for little notes and letters. Those made me feel very loved inside. So don’t forget to send loved ones cute letters to remind them that they’re on your mind.

Get your own personalized cake and check out their amazing creations!

Oh and let them know you found them through me! Hihihihi

Contact Numbers: 
0922-5544128 (SUN)
0919-5259116 (SMART)

Check out how they made my cake and when I received it!

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