The extreme personalities I met in jail 3/3

The extreme personalities I met in jail 3/3

Heto talaga yung last part. I hope you enjoyed the first two parts so far. First we discussed the jail hierarchy, then the first batch of other kinds of people I met inside. Taralets!


This is what you call someone sipsip, who will shower you with all the compliments and kiss your ass. They tend to look at you with longing eyes, eager to simply say whatever they want to say to you. They’re out there either to flirt with you or just to make your day. Their words are fluff, so at least they can make you laugh and feel good. 

2. MAMA  __(name of the detainee)__ / MI

This is what you call a motherly figure who’s older than you. I called so many gals there “Mama” ___(insert name here)___ . Some of them aren’t even real mothers, but they are both respected and conduct themselves in a respectable manner. They will often give you as much advice as they can. They like watching over you and making sure you’re protected. Sometimes they can be overprotective, but once inside it’s all about watching over each other. If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, they will defend you to the very end. 


These are the complete opposite of the MAMAs. In jail, as soon as there is an activity, you have to rush outside your cell to line up and join the said event. But for some reason, the SENIOR KUNO tend to get “SICK” when there are activities that they would need to attend but they’re too lazy to go to. They would always claim they’re SENIOR CITIZENS when it comes to activities like Zumba, spiritual seminars or educational sessions. Because they pretend they’re “seniors,” they’ll walk slow like they can’t even hurt a finger. However whenever BIYAYA (gifts from outside arrive), they miraculously start running so fast and kick everyone out of the way like a miracle has just happened! I honestly roll my eyes when I hear the SENIOR CITIZEN excuse. Mind you their ages range from late 30s to 50s (!). When they’re really being forced to go to the said event, they will scream that their BP (blood pressure) is high and they can’t breathe. Their acting skills are FAMAS/Gawad Urian levels of amazing, lol. 


These girls are another kind of lazy, in that they do nothing but ask for EVERYTHING. They do not work for themselves or take care of themselves at all. They are always begging and nearly demanding that you give them food, abubot or anything really! They are not shy in asking for things, to the point that they will either give you many compliments or guilt trip you for a long time till you give in. Some are actually quite charming, but there are those that just shameless ask out in the open. They confidently hustle people for whatever goods they want with zero embarrassment.  


OMG I met so many of them! I would go to them every day and ask them for their readings. Some read palms; It gets exciting when they look at your palm and say you have a BOX FULL OF SURPRISES, it means either good news will come and sudden blessings will be answered. One of them was different: I was christened with water while I was on a balde, with my hair completely wet. It’s a way to cleanse me so all her readings will become true daw. Haha. Many of what they said seemed to come true, but I kept on holding on to their words that I had to stop myself when I read in the Bible that it’s not good to believe in those that claim they can see. Although I still believe that God has given some of them real gifts, I learned that it’s better to simply go through life moving forward than pausing to peek into what will happen in the coming seconds. 

I think there’s plenty more, pero these were the ones that really stood out for me. Whose descriptions did you enjoy the most? Could you relate to any of them, or maybe you know someone like them? Let me know in the comments!